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Face & Body Waxing

Stop shaving and dealing with the hassle of stubble, razor burn, or irritating sensitive skin. We offer a complete range of body waxing services for both men and women. At Coconuts, you are in good hands – our certified estheticians and full body waxing specialists will make sure you get quick, quality service.

Are you wax ready? 

  • Must have at least 1/4 an inch of hair growth.
  • Once you have your first wax, each appointment gets easier and easier! 
  • For most people waxes last about 4-6 weeks. 


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Area Price
Lip $8
Eyebrow $10
Chin $10
Brow, Lip, Chin $25
Ears $12
Full Face $40
Cheeks $10
Sideburns $10
Neck $12
Nose $12
Full Arm $38
Half Arm $32
Underarm $20
Lower Leg $38
Upper Leg $40
Full Leg $70
Bikini Cut In $40
Bikini Line $25
Chest $30
Full Back $50
Upper Back $22
Mid Back $22
Lower Back $17
Abs $25
Brazilian (W) $60
Brazilian (M) $80
Buttock $25
Toes $12

The Eyebrow Waxing Process at Coconuts

Watch actress, model, and pageant competitor Julie Dawson discusses her experience with eyebrow waxing at Coconuts.

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