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Competition Airbrush Tanning

Whether you’re prepping for a special event, want to get some color before an upcoming vacation, or just love a bronze glow year-round, our indoor tanning salon delivers the beautiful results you want!

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Tans That Make The Difference

Your tan is one of the most important aspects of your appearance on stage at body builder and fitness competitions or in photo shoots. A competition spray tan from Coconuts will have you looking your best!

**Must provide us with 1 weeks notice & prepay for competition spray tans

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Please schedule your appointment at least 1 week prior to when you need an appointment so we can accommodate you. To achieve the best stage color, you will need 2 – 4 coats. (The number of coats needed varies, as each person’s skin will react differently with the tanning solution.) We recommend 3 sessions (typically Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Saturday competitions) to achieve the perfect color.

Airbrush tanning is superior to hand-application methods and automatic tanning booths. Our professional competition spray tanners have experience creating the most even and smooth-looking tan for your fitness or body building competition. In addition, this specialized product is much different than typical tanning solutions, as it produces a dark final color that enhances your body under bright stage lighting.
For the most even tan with no visible tan lines, it is best to tan nude. For your comfort, your tan will be applied inside a tanning enclosure, and only your professional spray tanner can see you. If desired, you may wear undergarments, but it is important to know that some tan lines may be visible.
Skin preparation instructions will be given to you when you make an appointment. It is extremely important to follow these instructions in order to avoid blotches and streaks, tan discoloration, and a sticky skin surface.
It is a violation of competition guidelines to contour the body with an airbrush tan. Therefore, we cannot do this for clients prepping for competition. If you are going to a non-competitive event (such as a photo shoot) and would like to have your body contoured along with your airbrush tan, we do offer this service for $150 per session.