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Get gorgeously groomed and well-defined brows and lashes without a touch of mascara! Using a non-invasive procedure, one of our trained experts applies an all-natural, vegetable-based dye to the eyelash or eyebrow. Your eyelashes will look longer and fuller, and your defined eyebrows will help shape your face and bring attention to your best features.

keratin lash lift ct

Eyelash Lift CT

Think of the Lash Lift as a “Push-up” bra for your lashes. It is a low maintenance lash perm that lasts up 8 weeks. Your eyelashes will look longer and more curled. Expect a more youthful look and lots of compliments on your natural beauty. It is most commonly paired with the Lash tinting. Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is great for gals on the go, as well as for women with blonde or light-colored lashes. Hit the gym or the beach without ever worrying about mascara run!

Your eyelashes and eyebrows can enhance your other facial features and catch the attention of others around you. Men and women both come into our salon to receive our services. Whether to get the simple services to clean up their look or the more in depth treatments for enhancement.

eyebrow tinting ct

Lash Lift CT

Our technician helps effectively perm the lashes giving your lashes volume and length. In our salon, the treatments for a lash lift CT women come in for, are performed by experienced beauticians who use non-invasive procedures to provide you the following benefits:

Beautiful lashes are just a blink away

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keratin lash lift ct

Eyebrow Tinting CT

You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on procedures for your eyebrows or eyelashes to become a statement. With our help, you could rejuvenate and define your appearance at a very affordable price. We lift and stretch the eyelashes from the base, that gives a natural and more attractive look. We believe in shaping your lashes in such a way that you can achieve a flawless look that will allow you to live your life without worrying about ruining them.

This means you could go swimming, exercise, take a hot shower, etc., because they are your real eye lashes! You do not have to worry about the tint melting off or fake lashes pulling off because these services are performed to your real lashes and eyebrows.

The Eyelash Tinting Process at Coconuts

Watch as aspiring model Shannon receives an eyelash tinting at Coconuts from owner Cathy!

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