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Whether you’re prepping for a special event, want to get some color before an upcoming vacation, or just love a bronze glow year-round, our indoor tanning salon delivers the beautiful results you want!


Come see what makes the Coconuts UV tanning salon different – from our always-clean beds and booths with frequently changed bulbs, to our Smart Tan certified staff ready to help you. We also offer a large selection of quality lotions to enhance your tanning experience. 

Please note: We do NOT freeze monthly unlimited memberships.

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Our customers come to Coconut’s for a number of reasons: to create beautiful and glowing skin, to gain confidence in themselves, and to relax and unwind. We have a selection of the best indoor sun tanning beds you can find. They are cleaned after every single use and the bulbs are frequently changed to ensure the best tan possible. We offer packages and products to provide you with the best tanning options possible. Coconuts has a large selection of our own tanning lotions to help you achieve a beautiful glow. Stop by today and get the tan you’ve always dreamed of!

No appointments necessary, just come on in.

tanning salons in ct

What Makes Us Different

We offer many exceptional services. From tanning options, to salon and spa services, and even smoothies! Check us out today and experience the Coconut’s Tanning Salon & Boutique difference!

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Enjoy Tanning Again

With summer comes the necessity of getting a base tan, changing skin tones, and feeling good. Sunlight is extremely beneficial and can boost our mood and even provide health benefits like vitamin D. However, it can take hours and hours of sunbathing to change your skin color. It can also be difficult to find the perfect spot to lay out. We often overheat, become sweaty and uncomfortable, and have an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, at Coconuts Tanning Salon & Boutique, we provide high quality tanning options with the help of advanced UV tanning equipment, premium lotions, and high-end skin creams. Gone are the days of being required to suffer aimlessly in the sun!

We have been voted one of the best tanning salons in CT and are proud of this! We continue to hold the highest standards for our facility to ensure you have a perfect experience. Not only do we prioritize sanitizing and tanning bed maintenance, but we also value friendliness. All of our staff are held to the highest expectations and help ensure you have an excellent experience. Stop by today to see why we were rated one of the top tanning salons!

Convenience Is A Priority


Our Coconuts Tanning Rocky Hill CT team is highly dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction to all our customers. Our facility does not follow a strict appointment structure; instead, it’s a walk-in salon, and our services are available seven days a week. We do not require appointments, so feel free to walk in! Our staff at Coconut Tanning Rocky Hill CT facility ensures the beds, booths, and changing rooms are cleaned and sanitized. Along with that, we offer quality lotions and skincare creams to help keep your skin moisturized and glowing.

Our tanning beds are the perfect solution for both men and women. We have a large male customer base as well as female, so if you and your partner are looking for the place to build a tan together, we are the one! Our staff are Smart Tan certified and are ready to answer any questions you might have. Whether you have skin sensitivity issues or want to achieve a specific shade, we can help you reach your tanning goals. Tanning is one of our body’s natural defenses against sun burns! When beginning to tan, it is important to use quality lotions and avoid burning. Our experts will help you develop a plan to maintain your tan without burning.

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Come use our sun beds any time, no appointment required!

Voted One Of The Best Tanning Salons

From the first interaction with our team, you will get a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. We take pride in our services, and hold expertise in the field. Our team is Smart Tan certified to ensure we can help answer all your questions. Our goal is to provide superior tanning year round, so you can maintain your beautiful golden color without interruption. Stop by today and let us show you why we are so highly rated!

We are more than just a tanning facility, we are a family! We love all of our customers, and truly enjoy watching their confidence grow with something as simple as getting a tan. We believe everyone deserves to be confident with the skin they’re in, and we love helping with this. Whether you just utilize our tanning beds, or check out our other services, you’re sure to have an experience here like no where else.

tanning salons in ct

Before You Tan

It is important to shower, exfoliate, and moisturize before tanning. You will also want to remove skin covering makeup, perfume, deodorant, watches, and jewelry. Anything that could prevent an even tan should be removed. You will also want to double check that you aren't taking any medicine or supplements to cause photosensitivity. Lastly, you will want to apply tanning lotion prior to beginning your session.

While You Tan

During your tanning session you should wear eye protection, lip balm, and tanning lotion. Bring coverups for any sensitive areas if you tan in the nude just in case of sensitivity. If for any reason your skin stings or burns, end your session! Now you can lay back, relax, and enjoy your tanning experience. Let us help you truly relax and appreciate the tanning experience at Coconuts!

After You Tan

For beautiful glowing skin, don't forget to continually moisturize! You should also apply tan extenders to maintain your rich and golden color for longer. If for any reason you stayed in the bed too long and received a burn, try aloe-based gels for immediate relief and to avoid peeling. It may take a couple sessions to achieve the desired color, so don't panic if you aren't there yet!


Why Should I Use Tanning Lotion?

You should never tan dry. Whether indoors or outdoors, UV light can have a drying effect on our skin. Tanning lotion helps to moisturize the skin while providing necessary nutrients. There are even special tanning lotions that help tan quicker and darker.

Can I Do More Than
One Session?

No you cannot. The law states that you cannot do more than one session per day.

What Should I Wear While Tanning?

It is up to you whether you wear a bathing suit, underwear, tan semi nude, or tan nude. It is important to note that areas not normally exposed to the sun will be sensitive and should be tanned gradually. It is recommended to cover up sensitive areas for part of the tanning time to allow them to catch up.

Can I Use Outdoor Tanning Lotion?

No, outdoor tanning lotion is often meant to protect the body from UV rays. Also, outdoor lotions contain mineral oils that can damage the tanning bed and block the UV lamps. These outdoor lotions cannot be used in any tanning beds.

How Do I
Maintain My Tan?

It is important to use moisturizer daily. Our skin is similar to a sponge and when it gets dry it becomes cracked and can look aged. You can also use tan extender to help lengthen the life of your tan. 

I Feel Like I'm Not Getting Any Darker.

Sometimes we can hit a plateau and our color stays the same. If this happens you likely need to change tanning lotions, and alternate tanning equipment. Let us know in store and we can help recommend the perfect plan for your situation!

How Often
Should I Tan?

We recommend tanning 1-2 times per week. This helps to build your tan without over doing it.

I'm Getting
Unwanted Tan Lines.

Don’t stress, sometimes this happens! Depending on where you are getting tan lines, you will need to adjust your body position during some sessions. For example, if you are getting tan lines on your arms or arm pits, try raising your arms occasionally during sessions to even out the lines.

*No appointments necessary, just walk in!*


Here at Coconuts Tanning Salon & Boutique, we wanted to provide our clients with the best equipment possible to provide long lasting deep tans as quickly as possible. We have accomplished this by buying top of the line tanning beds with high performance ability. They are proven to provide glowing skin and help you achieve the color you desire.

Stop by our salon today to see what makes us difference. You can make an appointment or walk in for a session in one of our state of the art tanning beds, and maybe even combine your tanning session with a spray tan for optimal color. Come check us out today!

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